6 Surprising Items You Need For Baby

6 Surprising items you need for baby

There are so many lists of recommended baby items out there. Honestly, some are better than others and some are full of things that you don’t really need. The following list is 6 surprising items you need for baby.. These are things I realized would’ve come in handy when Little One arrived so allow me to share…

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliated links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend what I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.

Laundry Basket

The first item on our list of 6 surprising items you need for baby is extra laundry baskets. I recommend at least one, but the more the better. Somehow these tiny little bundles create so much laundry! You may have the best laundry system in the world but when that bundle arrives that system may very well go out the window.

We have plastic laundry baskets at home right now, but once these wear out I want to switch to wicker baskets. Mainly I like the more natural material of these baskets. I have made the decision to always try to get more Eco friendly materials. But if you already have something that works, use that to exhaustion instead of purchasing something new right away.


I purchased two coolers when I went back to work after maternity leave. One was used to bring with me in my pumping bag and the other to send with Little One to day care. I needed something to put his bottles in to keep them cool on the drive. I purchased a small one (unfortunately it’s no longer available) for my pumping bag and this one for day care from Thirty-One.

This one or this one are also great coolers. I really like the small coolers for bottles because they are easy to fit into a bag and, for me, they fit the perfect number of bottles.

Mini Clip on Fan

This mini fan has come in handy so many times. We live in northern Minnesota but it does still get hot here. We use it in our vehicle, and with the rear facing car seat the air conditioner vents don’t cool off the car seat very well. So we invested in this fan which helps keeps Little One cool in his car seat during those hot summer days.

Hand Vacuum

Kids are messy…that’s not really news. So having a tool for quick clean up is so useful and convenient. A hand vacuum will turn into your best friend to help tackle those frequent messes!


If you don’t already have an extra set or two of sheets for your own bed, now is the time to get them. At some point, your sweet angel baby will spit up, pee on, or have a blow out on your sheets. It’s gross but it happens, and it’s best to be prepared. We had just upgraded to a king bed before Little One arrived and didn’t get an extra set of sheets right away. We quickly found out that we needed an extra set for accidents.

So make sure you have an extra set ready to go so you are not scrambling like us. Learn from our mistakes – it’ll be worth it.

Bag Clips

I know – bag clips? But stay with me…they are so useful when walking in the stroller. We have been in many situations where we are walking with Little One and it is windy and the blankets are flying all over the place. The bag clips solve this problem! Clip the blankets down to the sides to keep Little One warm and the blankets now stay put.

We have also used the clips and light muslin blankets to help keep the sun out of baby’s eyes. I should take a minute to note that a blanket should not be draped all the way over a stroller or car seat when it is hot out. This creates a bit of an oven in the stroller and the baby is at risk of overheating.

To solve this we used a lightweight muslin blanket and made sure it was always clipped a certain way so there was still air flow into the stroller. We would stop and re-position the muslin as needed and checked Little One’s body temp to make sure he was not overheating.

Bonus Item

Wet Bag

Since a wet bag is technically a baby-related item, I’ll throw it in as a bonus because it is so useful. If you cloth diaper you will most likely be all over this one. However, if you aren’t planning on cloth diapering, these wet bags are still really useful. For example, they are great for sticking in the diaper bag and have handy when dirty clothes need to be changed (the polyester material helps reduce the smell). So if you have clothes that are messy from a blow out or anything else, slip the clothes in there and the mess will be contained. They are also great for wet clothes after the beach or pool!

I hope that you found my list of 6 surprising items you need for baby. Are there any other items that are non-baby related that you’ve found useful with your baby? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

Yes! These are definitely things I’ve used in my first year of motherhood. I need to get a hand vacuum because that would help so many things!

2 years ago

Those are useful items for babies and lifesavers. I’ll share this with my moms friends

2 years ago

this was so interesting, you never realise what unexpected item you’ll need

2 years ago

I had summer babies and I wish I had thought to get a fan for travelling. This is a very comprehensive list that is super helpful for new parents.

2 years ago

I’m not sure I had any of these things with my girls, but I can see why they would be useful!

2 years ago

This is the perfect post for me as I am expecting my first baby soon! I never even considered getting a mini clip fan! I live in a hot city, so I can definitely see how that could be useful. Also, I feel accomplished because I do have wet bags listed on my registry. Woo!

Mama Writes Reviews
2 years ago

I love the clip on fan. The first time I saw one was at the zoo after both of mine had grown out of strollers. I was like DUDE WHERE WERE THOSE WHEN MY KIDS WERE IN STROLLERS!

2 years ago

Everything on this list is really a must have when you have a baby. especially that clip on fan.

2 years ago

Extra laundry baskets was definitely on our list. I actualy don’t have any of the other items for our babe but a fan would be super nice.

2 years ago

These are great tips for new moms. I’ve far beyond this stage but know these are great ideas. Love your blog.

2 years ago

My son is such a hot body. That fan is MUCH needed especially for our trip coming up! Thanks for the recommendation!

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