About Us

Welcome to Little Family on the Big Lake

Welcome to Little Family on the Big Lake! I am Maria. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, animal lover, and in constant wonder of the beautiful world around me. And… I am currently in the middle of trying to figure it out.

My husband and I have been on this journey of trying to become more eco friendly and doing what we can to help out this environment that we both love so much. We live on the shores of Lake Superior, which is the life blood of our family. It keeps us grounded, provides nourishment and recreation and serves as a constant reminder of what we stand to lose if we don’t act in the best interest of the environment.  Going zero waste/plastic free is a challenge that involves every part of our lives.

Here at Little Family on the Big Lake we would like to share what we have learned about parenting, home improvements, crafting, meals, and life though a eco friendly lenses. This is a question I now have constantly on my mind – how am I going to do this without using plastic or creating unnecessary waste? Join me as I attempt to answer this question!

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