Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal

April is just a few short weeks away! For the sake of you planners out there, I got my April bullet journal ready way ahead of time. I don’t know about you but April always seems to be my busiest month next to December. Regardless, spring is on the way and with the warmer days the snow is starting to melt and flowers are starting to pop up. The first ones are usually daffodils and irises. However, in regards to the bullet journal, the month of April is dedicated to the delightful daisy.

I also tried something a little different this month and decided to use watercolor. I found out that I loved it! It was so easy and it didn’t bleed through like some of the markers do. First, I did a test page just to make sure it would be okay on my paper. I found that I had to use a very light hand or the paper would get all crinkly.

I have taken inspiration from Shayda Campbell and if you are new to watercolor, check out her tutorials. While she doesn’t have her April bullet journal spread out yet, I did take inspiration from her previous layouts.


So as mentioned above, I used watercolor for this month’s spread. This could easily be done with a kids water color pallet, but if you are going to start water coloring, I’ll link some suggestions below. I purchased these paints while I was in college, and although I really don’t watercolor often, they have lasted a long time. I used Yellow Ochre for the center of the daisies and a mixture of Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and Viridian Hue to create the leaves.

Windsor & Newton Cotman Water Colors

Water Brush Pen

April Monthly Spreads

I have kept my monthly spreads similar to last months, but I made a couple of changes. The first is that I have new quotes – I love adding quotes to my bullet journal. The first one is one of my all time favorites because it is such a great way to illustrate the power of perspective. I also thought that it went well with the daisy, considering some people think this delightful flower is a weed.

The other big change is that I did away with my usual monthly habit tracker. I found I wasn’t filling it out because I was having to flip around too much from my weekly spreads. So this month I added a simpler habit tracker to each of my weekly spreads.

I also included a packing list because we are planning on visiting family over Easter and it is just myself and my son going. So I need to be extra organized travelling by myself.

All these little changes this month will hopefully help me continue to reach my goals. A great thing about bullet journals is that they can cater to each person’s individual needs.

April bullet journal
April bullet journal calendar lay out
April bullet journal packing list and brain bump
April bullet journal weekly spread

That’s it for the April bullet journal spread! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. If you recreate any of these spread, please tag me on Facebook – I would love to see your work!

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March Bullet Journal

March Bullet Journal

Spring is coming ever closer, and this month is dedicated to one of spring’s early arrivals – the daffodil! In my March bullet journal setup I drew these lovely daffodils and included some quotes. Both of the ones I chose seem to be about winter being chased away…just maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something…

This month I have taken inspiration from Shayda Campbell and her lovely March bullet journal spread. I have, of course, modified it to meet my needs.

I started the new year with a renewed vigor in reaching my goals and using my bullet journal to keep track of everything. So far it has really helped me and I have found that my blogging spreads are very useful.

March cover page March bullet journal
March calendar

This month I changed up my spread for the beginning of the month by reducing the size of my calendar. I really don’t need as much space for my calendar, hence the change. This allowed for more space to do another sketch and quote. I didn’t like how my first attempt went, so I took a page out of the back of my journal, did a new design, and used washi tap to cover my mistake.

This month’s budget tracker is much the same as last month. I just decided to add these cute banners to head my sections.

March habit tracker

Finally, I have my weekly spread. I changed this up a bit. I found that I was getting mixed up with the menu going alongside the events as I had it last month. So this month I placed the menu in a different section. Hopefully it works better!

March weekly spread March bullet journal

Final Thoughts

So that is my March bullet journal set up. You can check out my full 2020 set up here. Is there something else you would like to see in the bullet journal? Any spread ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

Plan with Me February

January has come to a close and its time to start a fresh new start, Plan with me for February as I set up my bullet journal. As in my January set up I will be using the monthly flower as inspiration. For the month of February it is violets. Violets hold a special place for me as they were my Grandmas favorite flower. So this month when I use my bullet journal I will have a daily reminder of her.

I got inspiration for using the monthly flowers from Shayda Campbell, if you haven’t already I highly suggest you take a look at her work. It’s awesome! I loved Shayda’s spreads for February but I used different set ups this time around.

On my cover page I started by using colored pencil, but I didn’t really like it so I switched to marker after that. I kept most of the spreads similar to that of my January spreads, but I added a meal planning section to my weekly spreads.


Cover page with quote “Wherever life plants you bloom with grace.”

plan with me February

February calendar set up.

plan with me February calendar

Monthly expense tracker, I find it is easier to separated my spending in to 10 categories.

plan with me February expense tracker

Habit tracker and brain dump.

Weekly spreads, mine include a daily calendar, a weekly to do list, shopping list, posting tracker and menu planner.

plan with me February weekly spread

Final Thoughts

So this is the set up for my bullet journal. I hope you enjoyed this plan with me for February. Using a bullet journal has helped me stay organized and it has also giving me a creative outlet in designing the spreads. One of the things that I love the most about bullet journals that that it is so customizable. In January I found that I was having a really hard time with meals so for February I added a menu planner.

Do you bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below.

January 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

I am so excited to get started with the January 2020 bullet journal set up. It is a new year , new month, and a new journal! This year I decided to follow Shayda Campbell tutorials on YouTube. I highly suggest you go check out her January 2020 bullet journal set up video. She sets up each month with that month’s flower; January is the month of carnations. I have taken inspiration from Shayda but have changed and added spreads to suit my needs. That is the great thing about bullet journals – they are so versatile!

January Spread

This is my January cover page featuring the carnation and a quote. I also include a quote “Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” I thought it was fitting for the start of a new year. Next is my monthly calendar. I love having this spread nice and big so I can add in all my events and important dates. I, of course, reference my future log when filling out this spread.

bullet journal set up monthly calendar
expense tracker

These next two spreads are some of my monthly trackers. The first one is my expense tracker where I record my expenses for the year. Once the month is complete I will record in the my expense tracking section in the beginning of my bullet journal. In past months I just had an open page where I would list every purchase. However, this month I decided to do something a little different – I sectioned the spread off into the categories I like to track.

My next spread is my habit tracker and my brain dump page. The habit tracker is great for keeping track of whatever you need. I plan on keeping track of when I floss (I am trying to remember to do it every day and the tracker is a good motivator) and also simple things like when I water my plants. The brain dump is just that – a place where I can write down whatever is on my brain. Sometimes it helps to just get it down on paper.

bullet journal set up habit tracker

Weekly Spread

The final spread I have is my weekly lay out. I have decided to give this version a try this year. In past years I gave each day a lot of space and wrote a to do list on each day. So this month I am going to try having a smaller section to record events for each day with a larger section for a running to do list for the week. I also include a section for a shopping list and a tracker for my posting.

Bullet journal Weekly Spread

So what do you think of this bullet journal set up for January 2020? Let me know in the comments below and check out my post on my bullet journal set up.