DIY Wall Hooks

I tackled a much needed organizational project this week. With summer starting to make the first glimmer, we have pulled out our summer straw hats. Our major problem is that we are short on space and we have added an additional hat for Little One. We have a small sliver of space between our exterior door and the door to the kitchen. This is a perfect place for hat storage because it offers a lot of vertical storage. I started to search for some wall hooks, and found some great ones. However, I thought I could try to make my own DIY wall hooks.

I saw this article from Grillo-Designs which introduced me to the idea of using cabinet knobs as hooks using hanger bolts. While I was out in my garage I happened upon some extra dowels from my hammock swing DIY. I thought I could make some hooks for our hats in combination with the hanger bolts. This project was pretty easy and took me less than an hour to complete. Check out how to make DIY wall hooks below.


  • Dowel at least 3/4 inch in diameter. You could use a larger dowel to create larger hooks.
  • Hanger Bolt I used a 1 inch bolt. If you are planning on hanging heavy objects I would suggest a longer hanger bolt, but for our hats the 1 inch worked perfectly.
  • Wall anchors
  • Drill
  • Clamp
  • Stain I used stain that I had left over from another project. These hooks are small so it really didn’t take much to stain them. If you like the look of the natural wood you could leave them unfinished or with a light polyurethane or coconut oil.
  • Level


Making these DIY wall hooks was pretty easy. I first dug around in my garage and found a dowel. I decided that I wanted my hooks to be 2 inches long. This is a great length for supporting these kinds of hats. This can be easily adjusted to meet any need. I marked two inches and cut at the mark on a 45 degree angle. Using my miter saw but this miter box and hand saw would do the trick and is a great budget friendly option. I used this process to cut three hooks and then sanded them with my palm sander and sand paper. You could just do this process by hand, as well.

The next step is to finish the hooks with your chosen finish. I used my left over stain from another project. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

cut DIY wall hook

Second Step

The next step in this process is to create a drill hole for the hanger bolt to go into. I happen to have a clamp attached to my work bench which worked perfectly. Next I clamped in hooks and used a level to make sure it was, well…level. Using my drill to drill a hole to 1/2 the length of my hanger bolt. I positioned the bit to the thicker part of the hook. I didn’t want to drill though the hook.

Level on DIY wall hook

Next, I screwed the hanger bolts into the hooks. Then I found the places on the wall that I wanted the hooks to be. At these locations I drilled into the wall and hammered in the wall anchors. I spun the hooks into the wall anchors. And that’s it! I love how great these DIY wall hooks turned out!

Adding DIY wall hook
DIY wall hook

What do you think of these DIY wall hooks? They were so easy to make and they can be changed up to fit any space!

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1 year ago

This is so nifty, I definitely need to try and make them

Kimberly Croisant
Kimberly Croisant
1 year ago

What a cool idea. My mom and I were just talking about what could she do with all her hats. This is great – can’t wait to show her.

Patricia @ Grab a Plate

Those look really great! Simple and easy to put together! I like them!

Shafinah Neville
1 year ago

This is so innovative! I would never have thought of that!

1 year ago

This is so simple and elegant! Love it, and it would go with any type of decor!

Nursing Decoded
1 year ago

Great post! Thanks for sharing

1 year ago

These are such neat hooks, What a fun diy!!! thanks for sharing this

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