Eco Friendly Easter Ideas

This year we are trying to make a greener Easter basket for our Little One. So I thought I would share some Eco friendly Easter ideas to include in your basket for your kiddos!

Play Dough

Homemade play dough is so much fun to play with and is a great eco-friendly option for your Little One’s Easter basket. There are many simple recipes like this one on Pinterest. This year for Easter I want to try to make play dough using homemade natural dyes. So stay tuned to see how it goes…

Felt Animals/Food items

Little One has so much fun playing with his play food. These felt food are items are very enjoyable and are great for creating little chefs!

Wooden Cars

Wooden cars can bring a lot of excitement for Little One’s play time. These ones are a great size and would be very easy to hide in a scavenger hunt. We personally love these cars because they are easy to pack and take on trips with us.


Chalk is a great option for an Easter basket. It gets kids outside and lets their creativity soar! The best part is once a rain storm comes along (or a hose), the canvas is cleared and the next masterpiece can be created.

Art and Craft Supplies

Arts and craft supplies are always great to give. Have you tried these honey sticks? Fun fact – they are made out of beeswax!

Green Kid Craft Box

This is a favorite of mine – it’s the Green Kid craft box. In the box there are a couple of activities that are created to engage your child. These boxes are a great option for an eco-friendly Easter treat.

Pass for an Activity

Passes for an activity is always great fun, too. Do you have a local children’s museum, zoo, or aquarium? If not, something as simple as going to the movie theater or creating a themed home movie party can make memories. Doing an activity can be so much fun!

Seeds and Gardening Tools

Seeds and gardening tools are great for the spring. Kids love to help out and gardening is a great way to get them outside. There are a couple of great options, likes these wood and metal ones, or these recycled plastic ones. You could also try these seed bombs, which are so easy to plant and you get to watch the flowers grow!

Sand Toys

These sand toys are great for playing outside. The bucket would also make a useful Easter basket. The toys are made out of recycled milk jugs, which makes it a green option. These baskets are also built to last and are so much sturdier then the ones you can find in the dollar stores.

DIY Veggie Garden

I made this felt veggie garden for Little One last year for Easter. It’s so cute and Little One really enjoys planting and harvesting the veggies from the garden. In addition to just being fun, this garden can be an educational opportunity for Little One’s expanding mind.

Candies from Bulk Bin

If you are wanting to give sweet treats, go the waste-free route and try a bulk bin. Our local co-op has some great options and if you bring your own container, you cut out the plastic.

I encourage you to change up the Easter basket this year and try some greener alternatives. It’s easy to just go buy the big bag of jelly beans, but these ideas switch up the normal routine and give great eco-friendly alternatives! Do you have any other Eco Friendly Easter ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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Morgan, Vegan Life & Wellness Coach | The Veg Quer

These are great! I really love the idea of a Veggie Garden! Thanks for this unique list!!!

Chelsea Pearl
1 year ago

I love the idea of chalk or anything craft related! So many ways to upcycle old things like cardboard boxes, soda cans, empty jars, popsicle sticks, and so much more.

Kasey Ma
1 year ago

Love all of these ideas! & I love that they are eco-friendly 🙂

Kasey Ma


Mallorie Owens
1 year ago

I love the idea of getting some seeds and gardening tools, that would be such a fun activity this spring!

1 year ago

These are such fun ideas! I love the DIY Veggie Garden

1 year ago

I’m really hoping that we will be able to decorate eggs this year. I love all of these ideas!

Jannine MacKinnon
1 year ago

So many great ideas! I especially like the different gardening ideas.

1 year ago

What great ideas! I will have to share this with my family members! 🙂

1 year ago

This is such a cool post! I love the concept of an eco-friendly Easter. The Felt Veggie Patch is adorable. Thanks for sharing this information. Cheers!

1 year ago

Oooh seeds and gardening tools is such a cute idea! LOVE!

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