Getting Organized in 2020

Getting organized in 2020 seems to be a topic on everyone’s minds for the new year. The question is – how is one to get organized? One of the most useful tools for organizing my life is the bullet journal. A bullet journal is a a cross between a journal and planner. It allows for the flexibility to create spreads (pages) that can help you reach your goals.

This will be the third year that I have done a bullet journal. I have had much success with keeping track of my life, like keeping track of important dates, important information, keeping lists, and tracking my goals. The best thing about a bullet journal is that it is completely customizable to fit the needs of each person.


This year I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to organize myself and how to best utilize my bullet journal for this blog, too. In the past I took to Pinterest to find ideas for spreads. However, this year I am mixing things up.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Shayda Campbell. She, for example, is doing a year of flowers. Each month is inspired by the flower of that month. I decided to take inspiration from Shayda and also do a month of flowers following her drawings. This year I will be mixing it up, though, to create spreads that help me organize my life. I will be using the flower drawings to bring continuity to my bullet journal. I do like the feeling of opening nice pages – it motivates me to get things done! Check out Shayda’s page, where she has great tutorials on how to draw each of these flowers.

One of my other favorite Youtubers is Amanda Rach Lee. I drew some inspiration from some of her spreads for my own, as well. She’s definitely worth checking out.

2020 Bullet Journal Set up

Bullet journals can be a great place for you artistic types to have a place to doddle and make creative spreads. Bullet journals can also be quite minimal (you could have the essentials without taking time for sketching). While I like to do some drawing on my spreads, I hope those of you who want to use a more minimalistic style can still use the layouts to help you reach your goals.

I also have a section of spreads that are specific to blogging. That is the great thing about bullet journaling – you can customize it to whatever you are focused on!

Beginning Set Up

So with out further ado, here is the set up for my 2020 bullet journal…

Bullet Journal

This is the cover page. I followed Shayda’s tutorial for this one. I loved how simple it was and how it set up a nature-centric feel for the journal.

2020 Cover page

This is my cover for introducing the new year. Again, I was pretty faithful to Shayda’s design. She does a dutch door for this page, which is awesome. However, I wanted to do something different for the page after so I didn’t make a dutch door.

I also like to include a yearly calendar in the front of the bullet journal. Next to it I included a quote that hopefully will help me keep perspective this year.

Future Log
Future Log

These last two pictures are of my future log. This is one of the most used spreads in my bullet journal. I am constantly flipping to it to write down important dates and refer to it when creating my monthly layouts. I got a little over-excited and wrote down all my events, so those white boxes are just covering those up for me.

This next spread is a grid spacing sheet. I got this idea from Amanda Rach Lee. It helps when making spreads so you don’t have to count out the spaces. Next to it I included a Harry Potter quote (you have to take a look at my Harry Potter nursery to know we are obsessed). I intend to make the last page in my bullet journal “Mischief Managed.”

Yearly Tracking/Note Pages

This spread is for my budget and expense tracker. In each monthly spread I include an expense tracker and then take those results and log them in this general tracker. It is nice knowing where the money is going each month!

This is a budget tracker strictly for the blog and also a growth tracker where I can record my monthly results on Pinterest and other tracking systems. I also included a tracker to document the posts I have published, which is below. The last of my blogging spreads is a blog post ideas page and a Pinterest boards tracker.

Bullet journal published post
Bullet journal blog ideas spread
Bullet journal pinterest spread
Bullet Journal home spread

The last page is my home projects page and my home cleaners page. You can get the recipes to all my Eco Friendly home cleaners here. I left a page blank after this one for a spread to plan our family vacation this year. I am not ready to start planning yet, but I wanted to leave some space before I started my January monthly spread.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of the bullet journal? Is it something that you could use to help organize yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for my January spread set up. Is this something that you would like to see more of? Let me know in the comments!

One goal that I know many people are working on this year is being more Eco friendly. Check out these other post that might help you reach those goals.

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