Guitar Wall

With our Little One up and moving and getting into everything. I thought it was time to get organized with different things, and a guitar wall for our guitars was one of them. I found this great kit on Amazon. The process for installing the guitar wall was simply and took not much time at all. I thought I would walk you through how to put one up, just in case you were wanting to do a similar project. It really was easy, and as they say, there is no time like the present!

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Set Up

The first step is to decide upon a layout for the guitars. I decided to place the guitars as pictured below with the ukulele in the middle. The acoustic guitar is going to go on the left because it’s closer to the corner of the room. It will take up less space this way. The electric guitar will go on the right side because it’s lighter and thinner.

guitar wall


This kit comes with these stickers for easy visualization and placement. To determine where I wanted each guitar wall hook to be, I first found the length of the wall and divided it by 4. That gave me the three points equal distance from each other. I next determined how much lower I wanted the ukulele.

guitar wall guides

Mounting Brackets

Unless you can mount the brackets into a stud, you will have to use drywall anchors. The kit comes with anchors as well as all the other hardware needed. The plastic guides have holes indicating where to place the anchors, as well as the size of the drill bit. Once the holes are in, you can insert the dry wall anchors. The next step is to set up the wall mount and screw it into the wall.

Final Step

Finally, screw the hanger in the the mount. Hang up your guitars and the guitar wall is done!

Wasn’t that easy? Let me know in the comments down below if you have put up your own guitar wall!

guitar wall
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