Harry Potter Growth Wall Ruler

Harry Potter Growth Wall Ruler

When planning the decorations for Little One’s nursery, I came across wall growth charts. I thought, “what a great idea!” Instead of using a door frame or the wall like I did when I was little, this ruler could be portable. My second thought was “I can make that!” Also, I wanted to include a Harry Potter element to the ruler. I found the quote “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”, as stated by Albus Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. So I made this Harry Potter Growth Wall Ruler.

This growth chart ruler was incredibly easy to make, so the tutorial below will be fairly quick…and the result turned out so cute! An idea I’ve been contemplating is putting heights on the ruler of some of my favorite Harry Potter characters. I may have to take to the internet to see if I could even find the heights of the characters, or at least the heights of the actors that play them. Do you think that would be a cute idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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1 piece of 1″ x 8″ x 6′ of pine. I got mine from Home Depot. When picking out the board check that it is straight and doesn’t have any large holes or gashes.

1 wood stain of your choice. I went with a lighter stain so it would be easier to see the height marks.

Sharpie marker or paint to write the quote and numbers

Sander (electric or hand) and sand paper

Screws 2″ in length

Ruler or measuring tape



Step One

Step one is measuring the piece of wood and making sure it is 6 feet in length. Trim the ends, if needed. Next, give the piece of wood a good sanding, starting with a high grit sand paper around 80 and working toward a low grit around 200. Once all the edges are smooth, dust it off to prepare for staining.

Step Two

Stain the wood using the wood stain of your choice. Use a paint brush or a clean rag to rub the stain on the the wood, going with the grain of the wood. Once complete, use another clean rag to wipe off any excess stain and allow it to dry completely.

Step Three

Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and lightly draw out on the left side of the growth chart the ticks at every inch from bottom to top on the board (6 feet in all). The 6th tick, which should be 12 inches from the floor, should be longer and a number 1 can be written next to it to indicate 1 foot. Keep measuring up every inch and then draw in the ticks with paint or a sharpie. (Keep in mind that because the growth chart will be secured into the wall 6 inches off the floor, and the bottom edge of the board will be the start, the first tick an inch up from the bottom edge will measure at 7 inches high). Continue marking ticks at inch intervals until you reach 6 feet at the top of the board.

Step Four

Using a pencil, lightly draw out the quote vertically on the right side of the board. Next, using paint or a sharpie go over the pencil. This writing part can be customized to your style. You could go with bold lettering, script lettering, or something completely different. For mine, I chose a book text that looks Harry Potter-esque.

Step Five

Drill pilot holes toward the top and bottom of the growth ruler in its center. Mount it to the wall using the 2″ screws and drywall anchors, if needed.

Finally, measure your little ones for years to come!

Let me know what you think of this Harry Potter Growth Wall Ruler in the comments below.

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