How To Make A Cedar Window Box

How to make a cedar window box for under $10

I have had this project planned for year – I don’t know what took me so long. These cedar window boxes were so easy to make and cheap, too! Ultimately the wood cost me about $9 and I used screws, wood glue, and sand paper that I already had. Check out this tutorial on how to make a ceder window box.

Before this project, there were two plastic window boxes here. However, over the years they became faded and cracked. Needless to say, if I would have planted them this year they probably would have fallen down! So it was time for an upgrade. Luckily there are existing brackets on the windows that were used for the plastic window boxes, so I was able to reuse them for the cedar window box. You can find a similar version here. You can also mount it directly, but I do find it easier to take the window box on and off for planting flowers. As the window is tall and I am short.

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Step One

The first step is to purchase the wood and gather the other materials. I purchased cedar fence post boards from Home Depot. They are 6″ wide by 6′ long, with the ends dog-eared. I got these 3 for under $3 a piece. With that being said, supplies and price can vary from store to store. Other supplies needed for this project are sand paper, wood glue, and screws, which were things that I already had. I used my electric saw to cut the boards, but since there aren’t many cuts, a hand saw would work well, too. I also needed a tape measure and a pencil. With the fencing boards, there are other varieties that are available at most home improvement stores. These should work just the same because they are rated for outside use.

How to make a cedar window box for under $10
Step Two

The second step is to measure the window and decide how long the window box should be. I made mine to be 5 feet long. I measured each of the boards from the flat side, not the dog-eared side. Next, I cut the boards to length and gave them a light sanding. Save the ends that are cut off because they can be purposed for the ends of the window box. I positioned them together in a U shape and measured for the ends. Grab the leftover boards and cut the ends of the window box to shape.

Step Three

Assemble the cedar window box using wood glue and screws. An extra pair of hands could really help during assembly, but clamps work well, too. Next, place wood glue along the edges that meet and place together. Then screw the boards together with your drill. To ensure the window box has proper drainage, use a drill bit to place holes in the bottom of the window box. Place holes every 2 to 3 inches.

Step Four

The final step is to plant the window box! I chose mostly leafy plants this year with some white flowers. I am excited to see how it grows in. I’ll have to post a new picture at the end of summer.

For the first time this year I was able to use some of the soil we created from our compost bin. It takes a while when using a home composting system to create dirt but it finally paid off for us. Hopefully it will help these plants really take off! Check out my post on how to make the most out of composting.

How to make a cedar window box for under $10

I loved how this project turned out. Have you tried making a cedar window box? Let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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2 years ago

I have always wanted to make this but I’m not very handy. Going to show this to hubby. Such a great element.

2 years ago

Scuh a great DIY i love a good flower box!!

2 years ago

Oh that’s nice…such a lovely idea x

Elease Colcord
2 years ago

Perfect! We’ve been looking at window boxes and they are just so costly. What a great solution!

2 years ago

This is SO cute. I’m definitely going to have a go at making one for my own window 🙂

Louise x

2 years ago

Great post! I was thinking about making window boxes (for next year) and this is perfect! I also love how inexpensive they are. Thanks!

2 years ago

I’m going to move soon to a new home. I want to try this project so badly! I hope it turns out as yours (I love how it looks)

Adriana Renee
2 years ago

This is so cute! I want to try making it now.

2 years ago

This is such a cute window box. I love tutorials for things like this that are actually useful!

1 year ago

These are adorable and so affordable! I have a deck off my back door that these would look great sitting on. Thank you so much for sharing!

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