How To Make A Dandelion Painting

How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting

Every season I like to change up the look of my living room chimney mantel. After taking down my winter mantel, I decided to get started on the spring decoration. Most of the items that I use I have thrifted or found at garage sales – it really is amazing the gems you can find! Join me as I explore how to make a dandelion painting.

I wanted to go with a design this spring that would work for me in summer time, too. I chose items with a soft color palate of greens, blues, whites and light woods. After playing around with each item, placing them and replacing them, I found that the mantel was missing something.

At first I was thinking that a sign of some sort would be nice. I have always loved the quote “The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgement” and thought it would be a nice addition to the mantel decor. I just so happened to have a spare canvas to do this project, so I got started. First, I needed to decide what my background for the text might be. An obvious choice for an overlooked and underappreciated flower is the dandelion. Next it was time to get painting. You may be wondering where the quote went…well, I liked the dandelion on its own so much I decided to leave it as is. Sometimes less is really more!

Step One

I promise that this is a really easy painting that any skill level should be able to do. The first step i how to make a dandelion painting is to gather supplies and get ready to paint.

I will note that this painting can take time to dry between steps, so this is a multi day project. But still really EASY!

The next step of this painting is to decide what colors you want for the background. It is best to pick varying shades from light to dark. I went with more blues but you could go with any color. Below are the paints I used.

This first technique is very easy. Using the tubes of paint put dots of the paint across the canvas. I worked from dark to light with some varying in between. As I said before you can do any colors you prefer. Next I applied my paint brush back and forth across the canvas until the whole thing was covered in paint. This is a good time to add more paint if an area needs to be lightened or darkened. Know that there might be excess paint on the canvas. You could either try to get some of it off or leave it – it will just take longer dry time. I chose to leave mine because it gave it a really nice textural quality. It’s a little hard to see in the pictures but it kind of looks like the wind is blowing.

Allow this to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting
Step Two

The second step is to add the stems of the dandelions. I used the following paints for my stems. When picking the paints, it’s best to use a medium for the middle of the stem and a lighter and darker color for the highlights and shadows.

Draw out the stems on the canvas using the base color. I went for two dandelions but you could do as many or as few as you want.

How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting

Next, using the light and dark colors as highlight and shade, I chose to add the highlight to the left side of the flowers and the shade to the right. I also shaded where the stems cross each other. Finally I added some touches of green to brighten the whole stem up, mostly down the middle of it. I also added little leaves on top of the stems with my light colored paint.

Allow for it to dry before moving on the next step. It shouldn’t take too long, it just depends on how thick the paint was applied.

How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting

Step Three

The third and final step is to add the puffy part of the dandelion. I used the following colors of paint to achieve this.

Going from dark to light, I used my fine paint brush to make the petals of the dandelion. Using the dark color first, focus closer to the stem and increase the size of the flower with each new color. Using the paint brush, start with a dot on the outer rim of the flower and drag your paint brush towards the stem. This will create each petal. I also used the same technique to create some petals around the flowers in the air to make it look like they are blowing in the wind.

How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting
How To Make A Super Easy Dandelion Painting
How to Make a Dandelion Painting

That’s it, I said it was going to be easy! This was the perfect addition to my summer mantel. I just love how it turned out.

Have you tried this how to make a super easy dandelion painting tutorial? Let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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2 years ago

This is soooo pretty and yes, you make it sound so easy… But, I don’t have much talent. Maybe someday. Great job!!

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