How to Treat Clogged Milk Duct at Work

How to Treat Clogged Milk Duct at Work

So you’re going about your day, checking off your to-do items, when you feel it – that hard lump that means a clogged duct…and if you are anything like me an exasperated sigh follows. This post is about how to treat clogged milk duct at work.

What to do? I would simply nurse my baby if I were at home with a clogged duct, then take a hot shower and maybe pump. Most of the time it would correct itself. But I have a feeling that my co-workers might be wigged out if I tried taking a hot shower in the sink in the bathroom…not so professional!

After having to deal with multiple clogged ducts I have developed the following system that works for me every time. Hopefully it works for you, too!


My first tip is to relax, which is really hard when you are stressed about a clogged duct and getting your work done. But seriously try to relax, it makes everything go easier if you are calm. Try a couple of deep breaths, listen to calming music, or whatever else it takes.


Before you start pumping, apply heat to the affected area. You could try a DIY heat pack like this. Due to their slimness, these can be easily hidden in your top. I have also used neck heating packs, which are a little bulky but whatever works right? If you don’t have access to a heating pack try a mug with hot water. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Heat is so important for helping unclog a duct Taking a hot shower also achieves the same thing.


Next, give your self a massage in the affected area while heating, before pumping, during pumping, and after pumping. Use your fingers to apply gentle pressure in a circular motion over the clog.


Pump as normal and massage as you go. You should pump when dealing with a clogged duct at least every couple hours, as well as following the other steps until the clog is gone. Using this method, I have only ever had to go through the procedure once, but some clogs can be stubborn.

Clogged ducts, if left untreated, can lead to very painful mastitis that requires a prescription to treat. Hopefully by following these tips you can get rid of any clogs before they turn into something more serious.

Have you had a clogged duct at work? Do you have any extra on how to treat clogged milk duct at work that worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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