July Bullet Journal

It’s mid-June and this month has been crazy already! There is a lot going on in both our home and in the world. If you noticed, I didn’t do a spread for June. I tried but it didn’t turn out well…sometimes that happens. I also found that I just didn’t need as much being that things are so up in the air right now. However, I have reorganized myself and created some spreads that I think will work for my July bullet journal.

This month is dedicated to the beautiful delphinium. As always I have taken inspiration from the very talented Shayda Campbell. I don’t think she has her July spread out yet, but when she posts it be sure to check it out!

I had a lot of fun creating this July bullet journal spread. The delphinium is such a delightful flower to draw. The grouping of little flowers and buds are easy and when clustered together creates a really nice effect. I chose to add water colors this month to add some pop. If you just use a pen, they still looked fantastic.

July Cover Page

July bullet journal cover page

This is the cover page for July.

July Calendar

July Bullet Journal monthly calendar

I switched things up for July and changed back to the bigger calendar. Since I am not doing weekly spreads like I was doing, I decided that I need more space in my calendar section for writing things down.

July Monthly Expenses

July bullet journal monthly expenses

My monthly expenses page has not changed much. I use this every month and it helps me track my purchases. This has been a game changer in helping us keep to our monthly budget!

July Spread

I have forgone my normal weekly spread for this month. I found that in June and May I didn’t use my weekly spreads very much. The parts that I really used were my blog engagement tracker and my meal planning. I also included a section for a to-do list. I will try out this method and see if it works well for me. Setting everything up on one page is going to make things a bit easier for me; now I don’t have to flip back and forth. I think just having a long to-do list is going to be helpful, too. As long as I get everything done, the particular day doesn’t matter as much. Summer Rules!

July Bullet Journal todo list

What do you think of the new July bullet journal layout? Have you been changing up your bullet journals to adjust to your new schedule? I would love to see your spreads! Let me know in the comments below or tag me on facebook.

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Deborah Brooks
1 year ago

Oh wow that is beautiful! I am so not creative and artsy like that

1 year ago

This is beautiful! I wish I could draw this well but besides that what a great way to keep everything organized and like you said with everything up in the air right now keeping good track of expenses is needed.

Shayla Marie
1 year ago

This is beautiful and so inspiring! I just got a planner from Plum Paper, it customizable and I’m learning how to use all the sections I selected. It’s been a lot of fun and help. I love your artwork! I want to try this in mine!

1 year ago

Oh wow! How pretty! I am using the ready made ones because I just couldn’t do something that pretty!

1 year ago

This is so pretty and elegant! Perfect way to keep you organized!

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