Night Time Cloth Diapering Solutions

Night Time Cloth Diapering Solutions

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I love cloth diapers! You can read all about that here in my post about reasons to cloth diaper. One of the biggest challenges when cloth diapering is finding night time cloth diapering solutions.

During the day we change Little One’s diaper about every two hours. But at night, if he is sleeping, we are not waking him up! So with that being said, we have developed some methods to help cloth diapering at night. Here are some tips for making your night a little less stressful.

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Check the Fit

If your Little One is experiencing leakage at night time, the first thing to do is check the fit. We have all of our night time diapers set to a size bigger then the day time diapers. The reason for this is my second tip…

Double stuff

Try double stuffing the diapers. We like to use two inserts of bamboo, one with the 4 pile and one of the 5 pile inserts. The smaller insert goes on top since it absorbs faster. We have tried triple stuffing but it just created to much bulk.

Change up the inserts

Some inserts absorb a larger amount at a faster rate than others. The selection out there includes bamboo, cotton, hemp and microfiber inserts. We personally use bamboo and they work just fine for us. But if you have a heavy wetter you may want to try cotton or hemp inserts. They are able to absorb more liquid. The microfiber inserts are able to absorb really fast but are not able to hold as much saturation.

Growth Spurts

So every once in a while Little One would be going through a growth spurt, which would cause the fit of the night time diapers to allow leakage. During these times I would try all the above tips…sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. In those times I just remind myself that it will be a short term phase. Normally it will resolve itself within two weeks.

Waterproof Mattress Pad

So if leaking happens, a waterproof mattress pad is a must! I definitely don’t want Little One to leak, but if he does I would like to be able to protect the mattress.

Change During the Night

If there is a transition period, changing diapers during the night could be a good option. This is especially true if your Little One is a heavy sleeper and you can change the diaper without him or her waking up. We were not blessed with a light sleeper, so this is not a possibility for us. When Little One was a newborn we were able to change him before feedings.

I hope these night time cloth diapering solutions will help you with your Little One. Let me know in the comments down below if you have any other tips or night time solutions!

Check out my post on Reasons To Cloth Diaper and my Cloth Diaper Routine.

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