Pact Apparel Review

Pact Apparel Review

It’s time for another product review! I have recently learned about Pact and have ordered my first clothing items from them. So in this post I thought I”d review Pact apparel in general, what I purchased, and the process.

I wanted to try Pact because they use 100% organic cotton and are fair trade factory certified. My husband and I have been making the switch to strictly purchasing things that are made with natural fibers and supporting companies that share in similar goals.

Read on and learn about my experience and observations!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains links to Pact. I am not currently an affiliate of Pact. Please note that I only recommend what I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart


Pact has a great variety! It has clothing for not only women, but men and children, as well. Their style tends to be a bit more simple, classic, and minimalist, which is the type of clothes I prefer. I like to keep it simple. Pact also has tops, bottoms, and undergarments available. Considering all this, there is really something for everyone.

Pact also has linens, although I haven’t checked them out yet. I am excited to in the future when/if the need arises!


While I could probably find some better deals on cheaper clothes somewhere else, quality matters, and that is why I shop at Pact. They have a great quality product and their prices are not outrageous. I recently purchased a 2-pack of leggings for $40, which is decent (then again, it helped they were on sale!)

Pact also frequently has promo codes available in addition to sales.


When I was checking out with my first purchase, there was an Eco shipping option available. It was so neat to see this, and of course I selected it. My order arrived within two weeks and it came in a 100% recyclable paper package. This was great, but the products inside the bag were still wrapped in plastic.

pact review

I ordered leggings and they are so comfy! They have been great for both lounging around the house and for walking. The leggings are a bit long for me…but I am short so that was to be expected.

I would definitely recommend checking out Pact because they make a comfortable and affordable product in a sustainable way. You can click this link to check out their awesome selection. I hope you enjoyed my Pact apparel review and please let me know if you have gotten anything from this great company and what you thought of it!

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2 years ago

These sound great! Love that they are comfy too, I am going to check them out as I had not heard of this brand.

2 years ago

These sound great! Love that they are super comfy, can’t wait to check out this brand!!

2 years ago

I like comfy and affordable clothing! Pact sounds like a great brand.

2 years ago

Interesting! I’m all about comfort!

2 years ago

I’ve never heard of them but I am all about comfort!

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