Secret Weapon To Getting Things Done!

Secret Weapon to Getting Things Done.

Trying to do it all is exhausting…and if I am being honest, impossible. But I do have a secret weapon that helps me get things done. And now I am sharing it with you!

The Secret – Lists! Yep, that’s it. Write things down! It will help you stay organized and on top of things.

The Secret Weapon – Google Keep. Google Keep is an Android app, although I am sure iPhone has something similar, I just have no idea what it is..

Why do I love Google Keep so much? It keeps all my notes and lists together in one spot. It is basically like post-its for my phone. Anytime something comes to mind, I can jot it down in my phone so I remember to take care of it.

Below are some Google Keep tips for keeping on top of things.

Working Together

One of the best functions of Google Keep is the collaboration ability and the person I collaborate with the most is my husband. We work together on reaching our goals. It gives us the ability to both add things to the list and cross things off. Being on the same page and in communication together is also a secret weapon we use to get things done.

Shopping Lists

I have a running shopping list, and each store has its own list. As I am going about my week, whenever I think I need something I put it on the list. I don’t know how many times I have found myself in a store, wandering aimlessly, knowing that I need something but can’t remember what. This has solved that problem – whenever I know I need something it goes on the list. It is also a shared list, so if my husband thinks of something he needs, onto the list it goes.

Having a clear list for shopping also has the added benefit of keeping me on budget. It also saves time, with no more aimless wandering, so I can get in and out of a store relativity quickly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have all day to be shopping. Usually I have more than one stop to make and I have found if I want to get through everything before Little One starts to get tired, it’s best to go quickly!

Secret Weapon to Getting Things Done.
Packing Lists

Gone are the days when my husband and I jump in the car for a spontaneous adventure. It takes much more planning these days. To help with this I keep a packing list of everything we need to bring. I don’t know about you but our baby needs a lot of stuff!

In the week before a trip I uncheck all the items from the last trip, taking note of what is on there and what I may need to take off or add. I also include things that we need to make sure we grab for ourselves. Also any stray items, like that dish I have been meaning to return or Christmas presents.

When getting ready to leave we both have our Keep list open and we check things off the list. Before we leave we go through it one more time…just in case we have missed something.

This has saved us so many headaches over forgotten items. It has also helped the bank account by being prepared instead of having to stop and buy something we forgot.

To Do Lists

This is hands down the list that I utilize the most – my running to-do list. I have two separate lists: the things that can get done in 5 minutes or less and a list of things that take longer. As always, this is a shared list with my husband so we can both work on stuff.

The 5 minute list is great for quick things that I’m meaning to do but don’t seem to get around to doing, like making phone calls.

The other list has mostly our house projects on it. A pro tip is to separate each task into smaller segments. This will help the task feel less overwhelming and give an added satisfaction of crossing something off the list. An example would be my bathroom makeover (See part 1 here). My to-do list is really long because each task is separated down to something like needing extra coats of paint.

Gift Lists

Gift lists have been one of my most helpful lists. I have lists for each family member. Whenever I hear them say I want such and such, or I could really use this or that, it goes on the list. This has come in handy more times than I can count, especially when someone asks for gift ideas or I need ideas for myself.

If I also run into something I think someone would like, I add it to the list. I have felt the frustration before when trying to shop for someone, and I ask them what they would like and they have no idea. This has helped us answer those questions for others.

I know my husband has a running list of ideas for gifts for me too. 😉

Bucket List

This is probably the funnest ongoing list: the bucket list! Any time we come up with a place we want to go we jot it down here, both near and far. Any time we get that itch to travel we take a look at this list and pick a place.

Important Things to Remember

Getting things done is a journey – there is no way to get everything done in one day. There are always things that pop up. Try to do a little each day and you will make progress on your goals. Hopefully these tips can help you stay organized when things do pop up.

Don’t forget to have fun. It’s important to get things done and take care of your family, home and self, but it is important to have fun, too!

Did you find my secret weapon to getting things done helpful? Let me know your how your organization is going in the comments below!

Secret Weapon to Getting Things Done.

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