Small Bathroom Makeover Part 2

Small Bathroom Makeover Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Small Bathroom Makeover: the demo! Check out Part 1, where we planned out this makeover. In this post we will be covering removing the wall paper, preparing the walls, and painting. We will also be painting the floor!

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Step 1

The first step in the small bathroom makeover part 2 was to peal of the painted wall paper, which was on two of the walls. Luckily, once I got a corner off with my putty knife it came up pretty easy. I used an old putty knife that I have had forever, but you can find a new one here on Amazon or in most hardware stores.

Personally, I love discovering the layers of colors underneath. During the whole project I found this orange (pictured above), a sky blue, and an olive green. Overall, the wallpaper removal took me less then 30 minutes! The next step was to remove the wallpaper residue from the walls. This took a little more time and both my husband and I worked on it. It took us around an hour to get the wall clean by our standards. Using hot water, dish soap, and rags, we wet the walls and simply rubbed off the glue.

Small Bathroom Makeover Part 2
Step 2

Second, I needed to take off the grout tape (I’m actually not sure what it’s called, but that’s what I’m calling it). I eventually got it off using a putty knife and utility knife. Honestly, it put up quite the battle and took pieces of the wall with it.

Small Bathroom Makeover Part 2
Step 3

The final step of the demo process was to sand the walls and trim. Normally when painting wall I wouldn’t do a lot of sanding, but in this case, there were too many drip marks all over the walls. They had to go! I used a palm sander like this one. The bag on the back of the sander helped control the dust.

Next, I cleaned off the walls and patched any holes with spackle. In particular, I needed to fill in some larger holes where the grout tape was taken off. It took a couple of layers of spackle to get it level with the wall. I then sanded the dried spackle and checked that the walls were ready for paint.

Small Bathroom Makeover Part 2

Check out my Bathroom Makeover Part 3 to see the paint color and the newly painted floors!

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