Small Bathroom Makeover Part 3

Welcome back to Little Family on the Big Lake. Please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this makeover if you haven’t done so already! Lets get going on small bathroom makeover part 3.

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Time for Paint

So far we have planned out our to do list for our bathroom makeover and started on the demo. Now it is time for paint. I wanted the bathroom to feel light and airy so I chose a light green/blue color. I also purchased this flooring paint for the linoleum floor. Even though I wanted a light gray, the flooring paint I got is in white. They only had a white and a dark gray available in this type of paint. I also have white paint for the trim and ceiling. We have a bunch of this paint already, so I didn’t need to purchase any more. Yay Reusing!

small bathroom makeover
Goodbye ugly walls!
Painting Flooring
The first coat on the floor left some patches, so it will need a second coat.

After painting the floor and living with it for a while, I decided I really didn’t like the white. It just showed too much dirt. So I mixed the white floor paint and some dark gray floor paint that I had from another project to create a light gray. I am so happy with the results!

Fresh paint small bathroom makeover

Wow, the magic of paint! It is already looking so much better. In total, there are two coats of paint on the walls and trim. The floor ended up with four coats, two of the white and two of the gray. For consistency’s sake, I applied the paint with a brush around the edges and with a roller in the middle. Even though the floor paint dries in a couple of hours to the touch, I would recommend letting it sit for a couple of days before using the bathroom.

Check out the progress we have made so far…

Small Bathroom Makeover part 3
Building Projects

A decor (and practical) element I wanted in the bathroom was some type of shelving above the toilet. There are many options, from over the toilet units to brackets and shelves. In the end I decided to make something more custom. I came up with this basic box design as shown below (my goal was to have it look a bit like wooden crates.) Also, I liked adding a natural element to the bathroom design. To make these shelves I purchased 1*6*6 pine boards from Home Depot and used stain and lacquer that I already had to finish them.

Using a saw, I cut 4 pieces to 18 inches, 4 pieces to 5.75 inches and 2 pieces to 16.5 inches. The longest pieces are for the top and bottom, the shortest for the sides and the other 2 for the back. This will make two shelving units. I used glue and clamps to assemble the shelves and nailed them together once they dried.

To finish the shelves I sanded them with small grit sandpaper. Next, I stained the wood with the dark walnut stain that I typically prefer. I gave it a couple of days to fully dry before applying two coats of lacquer (but can be more depending on the level of protection you want.) I will be installing these into the wall above the toilet using screws and drywall anchors.

Check out Part 4 of our Small Bathroom Makeover to see the finishing touches and to see if we stayed on budget!

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