Spring Cleaning Challenge

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and here in the north woods we are starting to open our windows again! Spring for me, while beautiful, can also be challenging with all the melting snow and the mud that it creates. By this time of year, I am beyond ready to get rid of the winter blues and freshen up my home. This year I have created a spring cleaning challenge in my bullet journal. This is useful to keep myself on track for all my tasks. I know many of you are home right now so I thought that you might feel like challenging yourself, too!

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Spring Cleaning Challenge

I am planning on spreading out this challenge over a couple of weeks. I will attempt to tackle a couple of tasks each day and see how it goes. There are a number of items on my list that are going to take much longer than others.

I also decided to get a little crafty with the water colors in my bullet journal for this spread, something subtle with some color. Using a bullet journal is no nice to keep all my thoughts, to do’s, and other information in one place.

Spring cleaning challenge bullet journal spread


For all the items on this list I will be using my homemade cleaners and my eco friendly laundry soap.


  • Clean fridge and oven
  • Take all items out of the cabinets, assess items, clean shelves, and place items back
  • Clean counter tops, fronts of cabinets, floors, moldings, and windows


  • Take all items out of the vanity, assess items, clean shelves and drawers, and place items back
  • Clean vanity, sink, mirror and window
  • Clean the shower, toilet, floor, and molding
  • Wash the shower curtain

Linen Closet

  • Take items out and assess
  • Clean floor, shelves, and molding
  • Place items back

Hall Closet

  • Go through hats, clothes, and shoes, and toss or donate unneeded items
  • Clean the floor, shelves, and moldings

Living Room

  • Dust all surfaces
  • Put up spring decor
  • Move furniture and clean floors and moldings
  • Wash windows and wash curtains

Dining Room

  • Move furniture and clean floors and moldings
  • Wash windows and curtains
  • Go through any buffets or china cabinets


  • Go through the closet and dresser and donate or toss items that are not needed. Place items that need to be repaired aside.
  • Clean windows and curtains
  • Move bed and night stands and clean floor and moldings.
  • Wash all bedding


  • Go through items and toss, donate, or repurpose
  • Clean walls, molding, and floor


  • Clean floors, molding, and windows
  • Clean any storage or tables

So that’s my spring cleaning challenge! Wish me luck as I try to tackle all the items on this list. Hopefully you have found this list helpful and inspirational as you tackle your own spring cleaning.

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