Winter Bird Seed Ornaments

DIY winter bird seed ornaments

Every Christmas, we have developed a family tradition of decorating our trees with winter bird seed ornaments. This year we had every intention of going out to do this at Christmas but we had a bit of a cold snap and pushed it off. So this weekend we finally had the time to go out and decorate!

We had such a fun time hanging the ornaments in the trees for the birds. We hung them on our birch tree outside the window of our dining room. This way we can watch the birds when eating our meals. We found that the next day a group of chickadees found the ornaments and were delighted in pecking at them to gain the bird seed.

This is an easy DIY and such a fun tradition. I will say this DIY is best in cold climates. We have tried other recipes that involved using gelatin or shortening but I found it difficult to get the ornaments to be solid and they would crumble. So I have found that this has been the best method for me.

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  • Bird Seed I want to find a zero waste option to purchase bird seed so next year I am going to try a local feed bin.
  • Silicone Molds In the past I used muffin tin, but I purchased these off my town’s Shop and Swap this past year and found them so much easier to use. Having the center piece creates a nice wreath shape and makes it easy to string the raffia through.
  • Raffia Grass
  • Water


Fill the molds with bird seed. Pour water into the mold until it reaches just about to the top. Place them in the freezer until frozen solid. I liked to place the molds on a sheet pan in the freezer due to the molds easily bending.

Once frozen, use the raffia to tie around the ornament and hang on the tree.

That’s it…really such an easy DIY project that brings enjoyment to all. This was a great project to do with my son. He so enjoyed putting all the bird seed into the molds. He also liked being outside with us as we put the winter bird seed ornaments in the tree.

Making winter bird seed ornaments

As the birds peck away, more of the bird seed will become accessible to them. Some of the ice will also fall away due to melting. We have also had other visitors enjoying the seed, including deer and rabbits!

Ornaments in the tree
Chickadee snaking

This is such a fun DIY and family Christmas tradition. What do you think of this project? Let me know in the comments below!

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winter bird seed ornaments
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