Zero Waste Gift Ideas

So I have run into this time and time again – when I ask someone what they want for Christmas they reply with. “Nothing” or “I don’t need anything.” This can be so frustrating! So this list is for those situations. It is a list of zero waste gift ideas that includes items that they never knew they needed or wanted. These are items that make their home and lives greener.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliated links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend what I personally use and love and I always have my readers best interest at heart.

Beeswax wraps

The first item I am including on this list is beeswax wraps. They are perfect for wrapping food, covering bowls, and packing food in your lunch! These are a great switch from plastic wrap and zip baggies. The best part is that when they are used they can be composted. They can be purchases all over the place, but I did include an Amazon link below. If you are a DIY crafting soul, check out my post on how to make them yourself at home! Click here!

Glass Water Bottle

I would love to get another of this glass water bottle. I already have one and I love it! However, I am always leaving it in the car or the office when I need it. So having more than one would be really helpful. Something that I discovered when switching to glass is that the water tastes so much better. When I switch back to plastic now it tastes funny. It has a bamboo top and a silicone sleeve to cover the glass and to protect it from scratches and drops.

Shopping Bags

Many people now are making the switch to bringing reusable bags when going shopping. If they are anything like me they are using promotional bags that they get from wherever. Grocery shopping would so much more enjoyable with these fun shopping bags!

Bar soaps

There are so many bar soaps on the market. I will link to some on Amazon, but I would definitely check out your local shops, craft fairs, and farmers markets. There are so many local vendors out there and shopping local helps support your local economy.

Felted Soap

I put this felted soap in a different category because it has a different function. Felted soap is great as a replacement for a body wash. It lathers really nice in the shower and can eventuality be composted when the soap is gone.

Cloth Napkins

These cloth napkins are adorable! They would be great for both everyday use and for entertaining. Cloth napkins are a great alternative to using paper napkins or paper towels. Once dirty, they can be thrown in the wash with towels.

Make Up Remover Pads

These pads are great for those who like to put on make up. Instead of using disposable pads that will be used once and thrown away, these can be washed and reused.

Dryer Balls

These dryer balls are a great alternative to disposable dryers sheets. They are made of 100% wool and can be used over and over again. You could also pair this with some essential oil. Place a couple drops on the dryer balls then throw them in the dryer. This will make your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

Glass Containers

I love these glass containers. For a long time I was a Pyrex user. However, over time I found that the plastic lids would crack and warp. These containers have bamboo tops, which, along with being more sustainable, are less prone to cracking.

Zero Waste Starter Kit

When in doubt you could always try this zero waste starter kit. It has a reusable cup, straw, tooth brush, beeswax wraps, and shopping bag. All of this also comes in a lunch box!

I hope you have found this list helpful and that you are able to complete your Christmas shopping. These zero waste gift ideas can help any home become greener and more Eco friendly. Do have any other ideas for zero waste gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Have you thought about making your home and life greener but have no idea where to start? Check out my post on getting started with an Eco friendly lifestyle.

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