Zero Waste Laundry Essentials

Zero Waste Laundry Essentials

We have been hard at work the past couple of years finding zero waste solutions and more Eco friendly alternatives to keep our household running. One area that normally makes a lot of waste is laundry. Between all the plastic jugs of soap and the dryer sheets, over time it adds up to a lot! That’s not even mentioning the energy and water consumption. So this post contains zero waste laundry essentials to help cut the plastic and make your laundry routine greener.

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Zero Waste Laundry Soap

The best way to cut out the plastic is switching to a zero waste laundry soap like the product from Tru Earth. Fortunately, there are more and more zero waste laundry soap options coming onto the market. I haven’t tried them all but I really like these ones. They are so easy to use – I only needed to place the paper in the washer and turn it on! Tru Earth also offers a subscription service so you don’t have to think about adding it to your shopping list.

Dryer Balls

Another way to cut waste from your laundry routine is to use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. The reason for this is because dryer balls are mostly made of wool while dryer sheets are plastic fibers. The dryer balls I linked to below are great for cutting out static. If you would like to add a fragrance to your dyer’s load, place a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil on the dryer balls.

Drying Rack

Cutting the use of your dryer is going to help so much in conserving energy. Try using a wood rack, like this one linked below, to dry your clothing. Some other tips of making your dryer more efficient include drying in larger loads or adding a dry towel to a smaller load.

Laundry Basket

If you are needing a new laundry basket, try one made of a natural material instead of plastic. If you already have a plastic basket, by all means keep on using it. Tossing out a perfectly good basket just creates more waste. But if you are needing a new one, consider transitioning into these wicker ones.

These zero waste laundry essentials will help you create a more Eco friendly laundry routine. Switching out your laundry detergent, using wool dryer balls, and hang drying your clothes can make a world of difference!

Do you have any other methods for creating a more Eco friendly laundry routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Looking for other Eco Friendly options? Go check out my Eco Friendly Living page next.

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Amber Myers
1 year ago

I’ll try some of these out for sure. I have been wanting to get a dryer ball. I’ll have to look into a better laundry soap.

1 year ago

I’m going to try a few of these out! I know I need to try using a drying rack rather than using the dryer!!

cute & little

Julie M Smith
1 year ago

I am trying to check for stains and also reuse clothing when not dirty. I have wasted a lot of kids’ clothes by drying in stains–it’s a good thing we only shop thrift!

1 year ago

This post has really got me thinking. I hang dry a lot of my clothes. Thankfully my dryer has a sensor so it doesnt keep running after the clothes are dry.

1 year ago

I never knew that zero waste soap was a thing. I’ll have to try it!

Lindsey | GreenMamaLife

Such a great list! We do our best to do zero waste. We were using soap nuts, but they got lost in the move. Definitely plan to order more!

1 year ago

I have used dryer balls and absolutely love them! Great when used with fluffier blankets!!

Scarlet | Family Focus Blog

Great suggestions for zero waste laundry. I love learning new eco laundry tips!

1 year ago

I am seriously loving and appreciating zero-waste products a lot more lately and this blog post serves as a real, tried and true reminder that sometimes the best things in life are natural. I find that using natural laundry products are incredible, as my clothes look and smell amazing afterwards. Fantastic blog post.

1 year ago

That laundry basket is so pretty! I need to switch mine

1 year ago

We need to start doing this. We go through so much laundry every week that this would make so much eceonimical sense to us!

1 year ago

I’ve actually never thought about that before but I think I’ll consider that next time I buy laundry products.

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