Zero Waste Switch To Bar Shampoo

You all know by now that I’m all about reducing plastic waste in our home. One of the small but meaningful ways I have found to do this is switching to bar shampoo!

I made the switch last winter when I was at my wits end with my hair. At 6 months postpartum, I had lost my pregnancy hair and it was now falling out like crazy. I seriously didn’t know what to do. I even talked about it with my doctor and had some tests done. Fortunately, everything was normal. It can just be something that women go through during and after the pregnancy process…grrr!

Around that time I stumbled upon Chagrin Valley, the maker of a variety of natural personal care products, including shampoo bars. I was sold on the concept. I ditched the shampoo in the plastic packaging and haven’t looked back. The switch even had an impact on my postpartum hair problem and helped it make a comeback!

Picking The Shampoo

Chagrin Valley makes picking a shampoo easy for two reasons. The first is that you can do a search according to the specific issue you are having with your hair, as well as exclude products that you are allergic to (tree nuts free for me).

The second is that you can order sample sizes of all their shampoo products. I ordered 4 to start with and each one lasted me 6-8 weeks on medium length hair. The sample size gave me an opportunity to try them out and decide which one I liked the best. The different ingredients can have different effects on your hair so some trial and error is needed.

Making The Switch

When making the switch to shampoo bars there is a bit of an adjustment period. Everyone’s hair is different and will react differently. When first starting out you will want to do an apple cider rinse to help cleanse your hair of your previous shampoo. Chagrin Valley does sell rinses but it’s just an apple cider and water mix, which you can easily make yourself.

There are a couple of different styles to washing your hair when using a shampoo bar. Chagrin Valley’s website has a great help section that gives tips for different hair types. I found that rinsing my hair first, lathering my hands with the shampoo, then putting the lather in my hair from forehead to end works best for me. I also do an apple cider rinse every time because I found it works best with my fine hair.

Other Products

Chagrin Valley sells a bunch of other natural products, too. I recently started using their moisturizer and it is fabulous! While it’s not as zero waste as the shampoo bar, it comes in a glass container with a metal lid, which is acceptable.

You can find their products here on the Chagrin Valley website.

Chagrin Valley Moisturizer

Do think you could make the zero waste switch to bar shampoo? All of the options that Chagrin Valley provides makes it a really easy and seamless transition. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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